Dumpy Bag of Unseasoned Softwood

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1 cubic metre of unseasoned softwood, delivered in a dumpy bag. Recommended storage for 2 years before use. Softwood burns quickly and easily, helping you to get fires going.


For sale is 1 cubic metre of unseasoned softwood that is ready to be seasoned and delivered direct to your door in a compact dumpy bag!

Logs Direct softwood is processed in our Lancashire mills from responsibly managed FSC certified forests within the UK. Our softwood is usually a mix of conifers (pine, fir, spruce and cedar).

Once seasoned this wood is perfect to be burned and will provide a great hot burn at a cheap price with the added bonus of it being easy to light!

A dumpy bag equates to just under 1 metric tonne of seasoned softwood fire logs.

How to Season Wood

  • Correct storage - Store in a well ventilated store with open sides to allow evaporation but a roof to keep the rain off; our wood stores are ideal.
  • Plan ahead - ideally firewood should be seasoned for two years.
  • Rotate your supply of wood - as you use your seasoned wood, replace it with a fresh supply of unseasoned wood.

Softwood tends to be a lower density than hardwood (i.e. the same size log will be lighter). Because of this, softwood burns faster and is easier to light. So if you are looking for a fire that is easy to start and burns quickly, softwood is your best bet. However, hardwood burns hotter and for longer – relying on cheaper softwood is a false economy but it is useful to get the fire started.

You can also mix it with unseasoned hardwood to keep your fire going.

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