Toasty Trebles 20kg - 20 bag deal

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To keep you warm this winter why not buy our brand new toasty trebles deal online which includes 20 bags of our traditional premium house coal trebles delivery direct to your door!

Coal trebles are traditionally larger pieces of house coal that therefore last longer on an open fire. And because we use only the very best house coal trebles, this product produces an extreme amount of heat! Not suitable for use in multifuel stoves

And don't forget our delivery service is free throughout the UK!

What is the difference between housecoal doubles and housecoal trebles?

Housecoal doubles are found to be smaller pieces of coal whereas housecoal trebles are larger pieces and therefore on average last significantly longer.


20 x 20kg bags of coal trebles. Larger sizes of coal for a longer lasting burn with good temperatures.