National coal merchants and suppliers with free UK delivery

For the finest coal merchants England has to offer, Logs Direct is the place to go. It's proof that expert knowledge can bring quality products at affordable prices. If you can burn it — and if it's carbon neutral — Logs Direct sells it.

Whatever your needs for eco-friendly heating in the UK, there's a coal fuel to suit. If you want traditional coal you've got it, but there's also a range of smokeless fuels including a smokeless coal that's ideal for open fires. If you're not worried about your fuel looking like traditional coal, try Anthracite nuts: these are perfect if you want the benefits of coal but with a consistent flame and temperature.

From £10.50 There are also a couple of speciality coals on offer to customers. Excel Coal is a premium brand traditional coal that costs a little extra but burns brighter and for longer. For something a little different, try wood coal, which is simply the product that exists at the intermediate stage between pure peat turning into traditional coal, giving you some of the benefits of both wooden logs and coal.

So how does a Lancashire-based supplier come up with coal prices companies will struggle to compete with? It's largely down to the fact that you cut out the middle man: the fuel comes direct from Logs Direct's processing plant to your home or business. But it's also the result of years of coal supplier experience from Alan and Andrew Foulds, the father and son team who run the firm and know how to avoid waste and keep costs competitive.

Ordering coal from Logs Direct is also simple: there's free coal delivery to any address, and while times vary, most products are with you in between four and seven days.