Coal Suppliers in Kent

Coal has been used to warm people’s homes for centuries, and the sight and warmth of a glowing coal fire is still one of the best in the world. Easy to control for just the amount of heat that you need, and an incredibly affordable fuel source, Log Direct coal is long lasting, efficient and burns hot to warm your home more efficiently and less costly than gas or electricity.

Many areas of Kent fall under smoke control restrictions, especially in larger cities like Gillingham, Maidstone, Chatham and Ashford. In these areas the use of traditional house coal fires is forbidden, but Logs Direct can offer you specialist smokeless coal that works just as well as traditional coal, and can still be used in DEFRA restricted, smokeless areas of Kent.

If you have chosen to use coal for its efficiency rather than its looks, then you might want to try using anthracite nuts, which are even more consistent and efficient than traditional coals and can also be used in smoke control locations, a great, consistent smokeless fuel for your open fireplace.

Smokeless fuels are also ideal for your multi-fuel stove, leaving a lot less soot and residue on the chimney than traditional coal. If you’re using a wood burning stove then it is not advised to try out coal, but a multi-fuel stove can handle both smokeless and traditional varieties of coal, so you can get the advantages of the so-called ‘black diamond’.

Of course, if you don’t live in a smoke controlled zone then you can take advantage of the great offers that we have on bags of doubles and trebles of traditional coal. Our 20kg bags already offer you great value for money, but if you buy in bulk you can make great savings on 20 bags at a time.

Logs Direct offer free delivery on all of your orders in the local area, anywhere in Kent. We usually deliver within 5-7 days. If you have any special requests please call us on 01524 812 476 and we’llbe happy to assist.