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At Logs Direct, we supply a range of coal and wood fuel across the UK. We also have a presence in the speciality market and work with companies around the world to source the latest products. One of the most exciting is the Burner firelighter supplied by Copenhagen-based Burner International. Burner Firestarters are a unique sachet firelighter that comes with a variety of benefits, such as being odour-free. This is the ideal firestarter for your wood burner, open fire, firepit, barbeque and wood-fired oven.

Burner Barrel 50

The Burner Firestarter range


With the Burner range, Logs Direct are proud to continue providing practical and efficient fuel products. The Burner range is the peak of safety and quality of the firestarter market. 

Barrel 100


The Barrel 100 can be considered the original Burner firelighter. It comes with 100 sachets per barrel. This reliable product will burn even if it’s been exposed to water or humidity.

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What are the advantages of Burner Firestarters?


  • All sachets are considered to be non-toxic and non-hazardous
  • All the lighters are safe to use and won’t self-ignite
  • Odour free and mess free
  • Has a large surface area and produces fire quickly
  • The sachets burn even when exposed to water and humidity
  • Burn at a high temperature of >65C
  • Doesn’t require a danger code


Why should you purchase the product?


Burner firelighters are more efficient than other products because of their properties. They aren’t hardened with sulphuric acid, which makes them better for the environment. You could pair a Burner Firestarter with a wood burning stove because wood burning stoves are thought to be more environmentally friendly. Using the Burner firelighter with environmental material such as Blazers eco logs could make a difference. Blazers ego logs are made from recycled materials in the fencing industry. Burning the logs help to reduce industrial waste.

The odourless quality of the product makes it ideal for family gatherings. Imagine you’re having a barbecue and the smell of kerosene has stuck to your clothes. It’s an unpleasant smell that can be difficult to get rid of. You wouldn’t have that problem with a Burner fire lighter

Purchase your UK Burner Firestarters today


From a safety perspective, Burner Firestarters are among the best products in the firelighter industry. Reliable, practical and enduring, each firestarter is designed to give you peace of mind. They are suitable for a range of stoves and BBQ’s and can be used all year round.

In addition to Burner firelighters, we offer a variety of specialist products. This includes our Piccante the specialist log for pizza ovens, which can’t be found anywhere else in the UK and of course our Natural wood wool firelighters.

For more information on our products, be sure to contact us on 01524 812476. Or email us at enquiries@logsdirect.co.uk