'Woody Awards' for wood-fired restaurants and caterers

Today marks the launch of the new Logs Direct ‘Woody Awards’ – striking and stylish wooden awards that are set to reward eateries around Britain that cook pizza, meat, fish and other dishes with a roaring wood-fired oven.

Logs direct Woody Award Woody Awards are all about discovering wood fired cooking heroes

The Logs Direct Woody Awards are all about discovering food heroes who cook with wood and who delight diners with their wood-fired culinary creations. We have 12 awards up for grabs – one per month – and will be awarding our May Woody, with a bit of razzmattazz and a PR noise, at the end of May.

So how do you go about winning a Woody if you are a restaurant with a wood-fired oven? The answer is actually very simple. All you need do is ask your customers to share their opinions in a short review of the wood-cooked food they've savoured. You collect three reviews, get the customer to add their name to their thoughts and then whiz your entry off to us at enquiries@logsdirect.co.uk We are then faced with the challenge of choosing our worthy monthly #WoodyWinner.

You can enter the contest each month, and can follow some quick and easy tips. The top tip is to use wood with a moisture content of less than 20 per cent – as is the case with our kiln dried logs and kindling. This simple rule will allow you to get your wood-burning oven up to the right temperature quickly and then keep it there, ensuring the food delights you serve up are well-cooked and flavoursome. Using damp, moisture-rich wood will merely see the oven spitting and creating unpleasant smoke – hardly an environment that will encourage your customers to recommend you!

Rule two is to use paraffin-free firelighters, so you do not contravene food laws. If you want to go a step further, ask us about our speciality fruit woods. That may just give you an extra edge.

Once you’ve got these key things right, you can approach customers with confidence and pro-actively ask them if they would like to help you #WinaWoody Work on the ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’ principle and you should be able to get your three comments in the bag, if your food is delicious and worthy of praise.

Another trick not to miss is that of staging an event based around your wood oven. Valoriani’s Wood-Fired Oven Sunday (July 5) is an absolute must for this, so get involved. Head to www.orchardwoodovens.co.uk where news of this event will be appearing very soon and start to plan your own #WFOSunday event. The more customers you have eating your wood-fired food, the greater the chance of getting those three fabulous reviews for your Woody entry.

You can also keep following the #WinaWoody hashtag on Twitter, as the months go by, and see if you can pick up tips from other Woody winners. Talk to them and interact via Twitter and you may learn how to make more of your oven, as well as putting yourself in contention for a Woody.

But is winning a Woody worth it? Ask yourself how much publicity and reward you currently receive and decide whether being able to promote your success as a Woody winner would do you a lot of good. We’ll help you with your local publicity and your lovely Woody can sit on show in your restaurant, providing a talking point for your customers. We all deserve a moment in the limelight and this could be yours. A little bit of kudos can be a massive confidence booster and also bring extra customers through the door.

Fired up for the contest? Ready to compete? Just get your wood supplies sorted out, work on your recipes and perfect your wood-fired oven skills. A Woody could be winging its way to you before you know it.

Woody Award with wood fired pizza oven in background Win the prestigious Logs Direct wood-fired cooking awards