Why you need a wood fired outdoor pizza oven

Home-made pizza fresh from the outdoor wood-fired pizza oven

What's not to love about pizza? For one they're smothered in cheese, which is an instant win for most people, but what makes this Italian dish a real winner is its capacity for versatility – you really can make it 'your way'.

If you're a bit of a foodie, only a freshly made pizza will do, and if you're a foodie that also fancies yourself as a bit of a chef, home made pizza is probably your thing.

Any foodie knows that the best way to fire up a pizza is in a wood burning pizza oven. Wood fired ovens cook at much higher temperatures than domestic ovens; a wood pizza oven reaches around 400°C and quick baking in this way produces flavours that cannot be achieved by slower cooking.

An extra benefit of owning a wood fired pizza oven is that it doesn't just cook pizza. The heat generated by your pizza oven can continue for hours after you've put down your napkin, and you can use this ongoing heat to bake other home made goodies, such as bread.

Before you get excited about owning your own wood fired pizza oven, you should be aware that the cheapest start at around £800 and will require a steady supply of seasoned firewood logs to run it. The logs aren't a problem however, as you can buy seasoned firewood logs here at Logs Direct.

And if you don't have £800 to spare for the pizza oven itself, and are feeling brave and creative, you could consider making your own — we have a guide on building your pizza oven in the pipeline, including dome essential tips and tricks on the potential pitfalls, safety aspects, legality of building your oven and much more, so watch this space!

Once you have your wood fired pizza oven installed (by your own hands or otherwise), you will need to know how to use it.

First, light newspaper and small pieces of soft wood at the front of your pizza oven, only adding small pieces of hard wood to these once your fire is well underway. Once the fire is going, slowly slide it to the back of the oven and continue to gradually add enough seasoned fire wood to keep it ticking over. Quality kiln dried wood will burn without smoke and very quickly produce a high sustained heat output.

Once your oven is up to temperature, you're ready to start cooking!

Logs direct produce a very high quality range of specialist cooking woods, including flavoured fruit woods.  Please call us on 01524 812 476 for more information on how to our specialist cooking woods.