Winter Warmers are Here

It’s still early October as we write this, and we may still be in autumn – but all over Facebook and other social media, our friends and relations are posting to note that the heating in their home is going on, or being set for longer – or that the first fire of the winter has been lit in their fireplace or their stove.

As the days are getting colder, autumn is getting ready to pass – perhaps earlier than we might want it to. But for fire lovers, that brings with it a cheering thought; it’s time to stack some Ready to Burn logs near your hearth, make sure you have your firelighters, and enjoy a season of warm living rooms, comforting crackles, and beautiful amber glows.

We can’t wait!

Crates of firewood are available here, or you can order your logs in bags if you’d prefer. Order now and look forward to a cosy house until spring.

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