Where should you install your wood stove?

Where should I install my fireplace?

As suppliers of high-quality firewood, we  like to think of ourselves as experts on the subject of log fireplaces and wood burning stoves. After all, our top-notch firewood logs wouldn’t be very useful without a stove to burn them in. If you’re considering investing in a fireplace or log burner, so that you can start using logs as a fuel source, you will need to think about one very important question: which room should you install your fireplace in? Before you can decide on the style of fireplace you want or which species of wood you want to burn in it, you need to pick a room to put it in. You have several major options; you should consider carefully...

1. The living room

A living room fireplace is a tradition and cosy addition. A living room fireplace is a traditional and cosy addition.

This is definitely the most traditional option on our list, which is hardly surprisingly - a roaring log fireplace can make your living room feel incredibly cosy and homely. Installing a log fireplace in this room doesn’t just provide warmth, it also creates a focal point that can tie the room together aesthetically. Because living rooms are social environments, a fireplace can even provide a point around which people can sit and chat.  Why not embrace our previously featured concept of hygge and install a stove in your living room?

What’s more, fireplaces in living rooms are seen as highly refined and cultured. If your living room needs a sophisticated-but-functional accessory to bring its disparate furnishings and areas together, try installing a fireplace there.

2. The bedroom

There’s something deeply romantic and suave about a crackling fireplace, particularly if it is used as the primary light-source in a room. It can create an incredibly intimate environment. If you want to impress someone special, why not install a romantic fireplace in the most romantic room in the house? The bedroom may seem like an unusual place to put a fireplace, but you might be surprised at how effective it can be at drawing out tender, intimate emotions.

Make your bedroom with intimate with a fireplace Make your bedroom intimate with a fireplace

3. The kitchen

Add a social element to the kitchen with a stove Add a social element to the kitchen with a stove

Installing a fireplace in your kitchen is a great way to boost the amount of use you get out of the room. When you install a fireplace in a living room, it creates a focal point in an environment that’s already used for socialising. In contrast, when you install a fireplace in a kitchen, it gives the whole room a social aspect that it may have lacked before.

Whatever room you choose to install your fireplace in, you’ll need impeccable firewood logs to burn in it, so check out our range as soon as you’ve made your decision.