What is the best fuel to heat my home?

Choosing the right fuel or right amount of fuel can often be a challenge especially to people new to solid fuel burning. There is often so much of a choice and picking the correct fuel for yourself can be a real struggle.

So here at Logs Direct we have decided to write a blog about it to hopefully make things clearer.

First of all it is important to consider where you live. A percentage of Great Britain is affected by smoke control rules. This is generally inner city areas, and this can have a significant effect on what you are to burn. If you do indeed live in one of these areas then you will need smokeless fuel. On our wesbite we have a big variety of smokeless fuel that is perfectly legal to be burnt within a smoke control area including smokless fuel that will burn on a specific wood burning stove. To check if you do live in one of these areas then your best bet is contacting your local council.

If you aren't restricted by the smoke control laws then the choice of burning products is much larger. Not only can you now burn wood, you can also burn traditional housecoals providing your appliance is suitable.

Which neatly brings us onto our second point. Ensuring you choose the right fuel for the right appliance is essential in order to get the maximum from your fire. Multi fuel stoves are the most popular appliances and allow you to burn a number of different products. Kiln dried wood will burn perfectly of a multi fuel stove along with any smokeless fuel and infact a mixture of the two will often provide you with the hottest and longest burning fire. Because of this Logs Direct have invented the bundle buys. These are special offers where you can take advantage of reduced prices and stock up on both kiln dried wood and smokeless fuel at the same time. Check out our bundle buy section of our website for a number of special offer deals.

Wood burning stoves are also a popular feature in houses these days. These are appliances that are only able to burn wood and 1 certain type of smokless fuel. Ensuring that the wood is kiln dried or at least seasoned to below 20% moisture is also essential in order for you to get the maximum from your wood burning stove. A mentioned above, wood burning stoves can also burn specific smokeless fuel. This is wood coal which is a unique product specially designed for wood burners which when burnt provides a great heat output along with a fantastic long burn, and of course all smoke free! A mixture of the two, both wood and woodcoal also works extremely well which is why we have also created a special bundle buy perfect for those people with a wood burning stove.

A good percentage of homes in Great Britain also have open fires installed. These are fires that have an open front into the room and can burn both wood and smokeless fuel no problem. Housecoal can also be burnt on these appliances providing of course you arent in a smokeless zone (see above). Traditional housecoal is a product that provides a high intensity burn meaning a lot of heat is produced, rendering it one of the nations most popular products for burning. We have a number of special offer deals available with housecoal as well as bundle buys of both housecoal and kiln dried firewood.

We hope that we have just made things a bit clearer with choosing the right fuel. If you have any further questions you can also ring the office on 01524 812476 or enter into an online chat with one of our team.