Why Use Kiln Dried Firewood?

Why should you burn kiln dried wood to heat your home instead of normal seasoned wood?

There is so much that you can burn on an open fire so why should you choose one particular product over another? Why, for example, should you burn kiln dried wood as your product of choice?

Kiln dried firewood has an extremely low moisture content and as such it reaches its optimum temperature very quickly, which is ideal if you’re just coming in from work and need to get some heat into your house very quickly. Kiln dried hardwood is also extremely easy to light so it is very quick for you to get a beautiful fire going in a short space of time.

Kiln dried firewood burns hotter for a longer period of time than other firewood. In fact, one kiln dried log burns for the same amount of time as around three unseasoned logs so, in the long run, it is much more economical to go for kiln dried logs.

Kiln dried firewood is also clean, light and easy to handle so there should be no heavy carrying needed and no sharp edges so it is much safer too. It burns cleanly and is also ‘greener’ than many other similar products.

Kiln dried seasoned firewood logs also smell lovely leaving a really pleasant ‘yuletide’ aroma when they burn. This aroma drifts through your home adding to your open fire or wood burning stove experience.

Kiln dried wood is artificially dried in a kiln chamber that can control temperature and humidity and this process results in perfect logs every time. Kiln dried wood is more efficient and economical and it is also much easier to handle. It reaches optimum temperature quickly and burns hotter for longer than other, unseasoned wood.

For all these reasons, kiln dried wood makes a great choice and will create a perfect and warming fire that will enhance your home.