Try Something New: Alder as Firewood

One of our most popular woods over the past year has been alder, a lovely, red-tinted, fruity smelling species that has long been overlooked. It seems like now alder's time has come, as more and more people are making special requests for the unique properties it has. So what are those unique properties?

Fast Lighting

Although it is a hardwood, the loose open grains in alder ensures that it will catch fire and burn quite quickly, ideal for heating your home in a hurry. This means that even on an open fire, you can be sure to get a good blaze going quickly, so you'll spend less time trying to get the fire going and more time enjoying the warmth.


The aroma of alder is a sweet and pleasant one, great for adding extra fragrance to your home. Even when you're not burning it, having a pile of alder by the fireplace ready to go can help sweeten the scent of a room, making you feel cosy and at home. The fragrance makes it a great evening fuel, to carry you off to your dreams, and a great fuel for the more moderate seasons, when you don't know from one day to the next if you'll need to burn it.

Easy to Use

With relatively thin bark and a soft texture, alder makes very little mess when you're transporting it to and fro, and if you decide that you want to re-size the logs yourself, they're very easy to split.


If you like to take pride in the appearance of your fireplace, or just like sparking up conversations, then alder is a great firewood to keep in a basket beside the fire. The reddish colour of the wood, loose grain texture and thin bark make a great fireside accompaniment, on par with other decorative logs such as birch. Give your guests a good impression when they see something a little different by your fireside.

So next time you order some logs why not try the alder and if you have a wood fired oven it is perfect for cooking on. We will talk about that on our next blog.