Topsoil is a top tip for your garden

If you’re looking to spruce up your garden ahead of the summer months, Logs Direct's topsoil is a quick and easy way to give your lawn and flowerbeds a new lease of life.

The lawn takes a beating in the winter and over time in general, especially if you have children or pets that like to run rampant. While most come back strong in the spring, plenty of lawns develop bald patches and rough areas. There’s an easy fix, though: just fork in some new topsoil, sprinkle grass seed down and soon you’ll have a lush and smooth green lawn that makes your garden the talk of the street.

Plant growth can be a real problem if your flowerbeds are made up of largely clay soil, or if there is a high percentage of gravel in the soil. Other factors that can cause problems include the pH of the native soil, which may be outside the ideal range of 6 - 6.8. Mineral content can also be a factor, as well as moisture content and structure.

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on plants and how much work you put into your garden. If the soil isn’t up to par, you’ll struggle to get the results you deserve. Even if the soil you have does support your plants, higher quality topsoil will help them bloom and thrive like you’ve never seen before.

So invest in the best quality, nutrient rich topsoil to get optimum results from your garden. Rich in organic matter, nutrients and moisture, topsoil can really make a difference. It should be loose so water can comfortably drain through it when it rains; it should contain enough organic material to retain the moisture and you have to mix it well with the organic soil to a depth of four inches for the best results in the flowerbeds.

Our topsoil contains no stones, is 100% natural, fertile, safe and, critically, is tested to British standards. We also offer free delivery on our 1,000 kg dumpy bag full of top quality topsoil. So get your order in now for some topsoil and get ready for the best summer your garden has ever seen.

Improve your garden with topsoil form Logs Direct Improve your garden with topsoil form Logs Direct