Three top tips to reduce your energy bills

As winter approaches, most of us resign ourselves to the fact that our fuel bills are about to go through the roof. Aside from the obvious use of the central heating system, we have a tendency to cook more hot meals during the winter. All of this means extra money will be shelled out on our energy bills, so here are a few tips for keeping them down.

1. Make the most of your log burnerWood Burning Stove

If you are lucky enough to have a log burner in your house, wood logs are a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative to central heating for the home. The amount of heat a log burner throws out is enough to heat at least the downstairs of a reasonably sized family home in the winter without turning to your central heating. As heat rises, you might even find that you won’t need the heating on at all as long as you keep your burner topped up with firewood logs.

2. Cook outside

It might sound an odd thing to do in winter, but those logs of wood that you use on your indoor burner can also be put to good use outdoors. A wood fired pizza oven is relatively easy to build in the garden, you can even enrol on a course to teach you how to do it. Not only will you save a fortune on your energy bill, you might just discover a new found love for pizza. And if that goes well, why not extend your wood fired cooking to wood cook stoves?

3. Insulate

Whatever heating source you use inside your house, your bills will be cheaper if your house is well insulated. Check that you have effective roof insulation - many companies will now do this for free under a government initiative if you don’t. The same goes for cavity wall insulation, and if you have solid walls, the government are now subsidising solid wall insulation as well. If your windows are single glazed, they will be letting out an inordinate amount of heat. The same may apply to old double glazing so it is worth investing in an upgrade.

With a well insulated house, a wood burner and some great wood fired cooking options out in the garden, you will see a huge drop in your heating bill this winter.