Take Advantage of Spring Time with Logs Direct

Even though it’s sunny out, we’re still very aware that it’s winter here at Logs Direct. The thermometer still reads ‘chilly’ and the fire’s still lit. To make sure all our customers keep warm until the temperature heats up we’ve got some great fuel on sale. And of course, we’ve still got a range of coal for sale to keep your homes heated.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and the forecast set for ‘cold’, what could be nicer than cosying up together in front of an open fire with real kiln dried logs to burn? You could even get a Logs Direct gift voucher as a really unusual gift for your loved one – tell them that they warm your heart as much as the Logs Direct fuel will warm their toes.

This being Britain, spring is traditionally a damp season, so you may find it more difficult than usual to light your fire. However we have got you covered there, as Logs Direct are now proud stockists of Crackerjack Firelighters, made from Irish peat and sure to have your fire started in a jiffy.

However cold it may be at the moment, it doesn’t change the fact that spring really is just around the corner. Spring brings all kinds of joys and to help you make the most of them Logs Direct have some excellent offerings.

Everyone knows that spring is the time for baby animals, so make sure you’re stocked up and ready with plenty of 100% natural wood pellet cat litter for Felix, and our new premium wood pellet horse bedding. The horse bedding is clean and comfortable for the horses and what’s even better is that it’s easy to muck out! It’s also 100% biodegradable, so perfect for the compost heap and putting on your vegetable patch.

Talking about veggies, we’re getting right into peak sowing season, so to make sure your carrots win the prize at the fair, be sure to use a quality growing medium. Luckily for you, Logs Direct has mushroom topsoil for sale, which is an ideal mixture of organic matter and great for breaking up heavier clay soil.

You should now be set to have an excellent spring, all courtesy of Logs Direct.