Sure Fire Tips for Fuel Economy

When every pound in the week’s budget is important, getting the most out of everything is something people are really focusing on in this post-Christmas period. One sure fire way to save money is making sure you’re generating the most heat as possible from your fuel. If you’re burning high quality kiln dried hardwood logs then you’re already heading in the right direction, but here’re some tips to get the maximum heat for your spend.

We’ve already said it once but the first step to fuel economy is burning high quality hardwood logs with 20% moisture content at most. One Logs Direct kiln dried hardwood log is the rough equivalent of burning three unseasoned wooden logs. As you can imagine, this leads to huge savings in the long run. It also burns with less smoke so is kinder to the environment and causes less chimney and flue problems.

Even if the logs you buy are of great quality, if you store them incorrectly they won’t stay dry for very long. Keeping logs outside in the wet weather just undoes all the benefit gained by the kiln drying process. To combat this, we recommend a wooden log store with a waterproof roof and slatted sides. The waterproof roof keeps the rain off the logs, and the slatted sides allow for a good amount of air flow through them so any excess dampness is aired out and the logs don’t become mouldy.

Finally, always follow best practice when building and maintaining your fire. Starting out with small kindling logs and then adding larger logs after there is a small fire burning is more efficient than trying to start a fire with larger logs. A clogged chimney reduces airflow and can starve the fire of oxygen, making the burn less efficient, as well as causing problems with smoke.

Hopefully, these tips have got you well on your way to getting the best value from your fuel. For flat pack, pre-build, or a custom made to order log store UK wide solid fuel suppliers Logs Direct have the best in terms of quality and value. Their log stores are made from high quality pressure-treated timber, with waterproof roofs, raised floors and slatted sides.

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