Spring 2013 With Logs Direct

Well, with the sun having been out a whopping two days in a row, and Valentine’s Day being just around the corner, winter must finally be coming to an end, and you know what that means; spring will be here soon and spring time brings out a whole host of fresh opportunities.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, why not forgo the conventional this year and instead of getting your significant other the usual chocolates and a card, have a look at our range of BBQs for sale. Encouraging someone to take up a new hobby that you can both get a lot of enjoyment out is a great idea for a display of affection. Or, if they’re already a bit of a BBQ aficionado and own a grill, then our premium quality lumpwood BBQ charcoal is sure to go down a treat. Toss in a couple of steaks and you’ve even got the evening’s plans sorted!

One reason that everyone tends to love spring is that it’s impossible to be unhappy when there are lambs frolicking in the fields, ducklings learning to fly, and curious new kittens climbing your curtains. Yes, spring really is the height of the year for our furry (or feathery) friends and with them looking after their young it’s all the more important that we take good care of them.

At Logs Direct, we recommend wood pellet cat litter to really get the little balls of fur off to a good start in life. Our wood pellet litter is made from 100% recycled sawdust and contains no glues or additives, so no nasty chemicals which might hurt little Felix if he mistakes the cat litter and the cat food! (We can’t promise there won’t be other nasty surprises in the litter tray if Felix does make this mistake though!)

Early spring time is also a time for foaling, and making sure a young horse gets the best treatment early on in life will make it more likely to be a Grand National winner. It’s also very important to keep the foal’s mother in good health, especially while the foal is nursing. Despite the shining sun, February and March can still be very cold months, so making sure mother and child are warm enough is also critical. The best horse bedding we’ve come across is this wood pellet horse bedding.

It’s comfortable and clean for the horses, and is easier than traditional bedding materials to muck out of a stable. This bedding is also 100% biodegradable so when it’s finished in the stables you can put it on the vegetable patch and watch your lettuces thrive!