Smokeless Fuel – Alternatives to Coal

Smokeless fuel is on the rise. It’s not just the growth of smokefree zones across the UK – smokeless fuel is also recommended over coal for chimeneas, stoves, etc. Why? Because it doesn’t give off as much smoke, so deposits don’t build up in the flue nearly so quickly – if at all.

That means less time spent cleaning it, less risk of fire in the flue from creosote build-up, and less chance of smoke billowing back into the room.

For stove users, then, this can be a significant benefit. And the rise of smokefree zones contributes, of course!

For smokeless fuel lovers and those looking to try it as an alternative, the question is always: what’s the best way to get your fuel?

We have a few options for just this reason. We offer 20KG bags of smokeless fuel. These include Supabrite smokeless fuel – and you can also order Supabrite bags in bulk. For those who like to use smokeless fuel alongside their woodpile, we have a range of smokeless bundle buys. We even carry smokeless fuels specifically for chimeneas and firepits.

Lastly, for an easy, one-size-fits-all solution to smokeless fires, there’s the Smokeless Firepak. This system promotes itself as ‘the complete fire in a bag’. It’s hard to beat that for convenience!

If you’re not sure which of these options would be best for you, please contact us. We’re always keen to talk to our customers and help match them to their perfect flame.

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