We’re Doing Our Part: Save the Red Squirrel

Logs Direct is proud to support Red Squirrels Northern England, a local charity working to protect Britain’s much-loved red squirrel.

Squirrels Under Threat

As many of our readership will already know, the red squirrel is under threat, driven out from much of its traditional habitat by the grey squirrel. The situation has been getting steadily worse since the grey squirrel was first introduced to this country.

Conservation Efforts

Red Squirrels Northern England is a wide-scale conservation charity working to provide red squirrels with a safer habitat across the North of England.

As well as donations, they accept and encourage help in squirrel sightings; by reporting sightings to them they’re able to build up a clearer picture of how able red squirrels are to live free and safely.

They’re also investing heavily in research into the needs of the red squirrel, to follow up on any new hints for ways we can help this species to thrive.

Our Goals

We believe strongly in giving something back to the natural environment. It’s important to us to support the Cumbrian countryside from which around 50% of our logs come – and part of that county is the beloved red squirrel.

We’re always hoping to raise awareness of the problems that red squirrels face and to promote the efforts of groups like RSNE to encourage best practice in controlling the grey squirrel and helping the red squirrel to thrive.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch, or go directly to the RSNE website.

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