Kiln dried logs will save you money

Do you want to save money on your fuel bill without giving up firewood logs? High-efficiency fuels such as anthracite and wood pellets can help you reduce the amount of cash you have to spend to keep your home warm, but they don’t have the same timeless appeal as genuine firewood logs. If you want to heat your home with a roaring log fire at a reduced cost, you should consider switching to kiln dried logs.

Undeniable aesthetic appeal

Kiln dried logs have the same undeniable aesthetic appeal as logs which have been dried using more traditional methods. They are, however, considerably more efficient. The kiln-drying process reduces their moisture content to 25% or less, which means that they burn hotter than ordinary logs, and for a longer period.

Longer burn

Because these logs burn hotter for longer, you don’t need to use as many of them to keep your home heated for a given length of time. Furthermore, because they burn warmer than conventional firewood, it takes fewer of them to heat your house to your preferred temperature. In a nutshell, you need less kiln dried logs to warm your home. Therefore — even given their relative cost — they are far more cost-effective than regular seasoned logs. Though individual kiln dried logs are more expensive than the alternatives, you can purchase significantly fewer of them.

Purer fuel source

The kiln-drying process also makes the logs purer.   Meaning that they burn cleaner and leave less waste. While this doesn’t directly impact on your fuel bill, it does mean that you may not have to thoroughly clean out your fire, stove or your boiler quite as often, if you switch to kiln dried logs. This can save you time and money.  (The heat from the kiln drying process also kills any fungus and insects.  Guaranteeing to no infestations of creepy-crawlys in your living room.)


Finally, it is also important to note, because of its low moisture content, kiln dried firewood is much lighter than ordinary firewood. Consequently, if you need to transport it to your home using a vehicle, it won’t weigh down that vehicle as much as ordinary firewood. This can save you a small amount of money on petrol.  Every little helps!

If you want to save on your fuel bill without sacrificing the timeless charm of firewood logs, we at Logs Direct believe that kiln dried logs are the solution for you.

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