Party BBQ – As Seen on TV!

Fans of Phillip Schofield (and who isn’t?) may have recently seen the ITV one-off special How to Spend it Well: House and Garden.

If you have, it’s a safe bet you were impressed by the party-size instant barbecues featured on the show. Phillip spoke very highly of them after his ‘road test’. And why not? These instant barbecues can feed up to 10 people each – and they’re ready to cook in just 20 minutes.

We’re so satisfied with the value they provide that we offer these barbecues in packs of six – because once you’ve barbecued with them you’ll want to do it again and again.

Set yourself up for a long hot summer full of celebrations with friends – order one of these packs today, or more if your gatherings are large. Remember, each one can cater for up to ten people, so it’s not uncommon for a gathering of friends to need two or even three going through the afternoon.

And if you have vegetarians and vegans among your friends, it’s only polite to make sure they have a grill of their own.

It all adds up quickly – that’s why we’re keen to sell these only in six packs. That can quickly become just two big blowout parties. And doesn’t everyone deserve at least two big parties every summer?

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