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  • Logs Direct Approved by the Coal Merchants Federation

    Logs Direct can today announce that they have officially become part of the Approved Coal Merchants Scheme, run by the Coal Merchants Federation of Great Britain (CMF). To be accepted as part of this prestigious British scheme, Logs Direct have committed to follow the Coal Trade Code. This means that the family-owned company must comply with certain rules in order to remain part of the scheme. For example, they must supply good quality coal and smokeless fuel correctly described, and properly investigate all consumer complaints. Logs Direct sell a variety of fuels and are specialists in kiln dried...
  • Storing Your Kiln Dried Firewood

    Kiln dried wood is undoubtedly the best choice of fuel for your fireplace or wood burner - it dries the wood from the inside out, removing more moisture than any other process. Because of this, kiln dried wood is up to 20% drier than other woods and so produces more heat for your fire, more efficiently and at a lower cost! The good news is that as a result of this it's also less vulnerable than other dried wood when exposed to rain, however it's still important to store the wood properly in order to maximise its shelf life. The...
  • Logs Direct Launch New Air Dried Silver Birch Crates

    Logs Direct have added to their extensive range of firewood with a new air dried silver birch crate. The logs are ready to be used straight away with a moisture content of around 15 - 20%. The logs have been dried in the old fashioned way, by leaving them out in the open over a period of time. This drying process produces logs that have been properly seasoned with a moisture content of less than 20%. In fact most of the wood measures around 15%, making it perfect for using right away. Stephen Talbot, Company Spokesman said “Silver...
  • The Benefits of Kiln Dried Firewood

    The process of kiln-drying wood is undertaken to reduce the moisture content of the fuel to make it more suitable for burning. Unseasoned wood is actually a very poor fuel- the moisture content of an unseasoned log means that a great deal of the energy which is released during combustion is simply wasted in evaporating the moisture content of the log. This wasted energy could be utilised in heating your home or stove but instead it all simply goes up the chimney. Seasoned logs, like those available from leading UK manufacturer and supplier Logs Direct, have a much lower...

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