Logs Direct Launch New Warma Hotblock Briquettes

At Logs Direct, we supply a variety of Woodsure ready to burn products that are ethically sourced from FSC approved forests. Over the years, we’ve expanded into industries like the gardening and restaurant sectors, developing products for a broad range of customers.

We have continued to improve our product offering by introducing the new Warma Hotblock briquettes. As an alternative to logs, hotblocks can be used in open stoves, wood burners, firepits and chimeneas.

What are hotblocks?

Created in the UK, hotblocks are made from recycled pallet wood and other forms of wood waste. They provide an eco-friendly solution for creating a fire and have a range of applications.

What are the applications of hotblocks?

Warma hotblocks are a versatile product that are suitable for indoor and outside use. Compared to logs, they are drier and denser, which means they burn hotter and longer. This makes them ideal for different situations, such as camping and fire safety activities.  In contrast to other wood products, hotblocks produce less smoke, which is especially useful when hosting an outdoor party around an open fire.

Another advantage of Warma hotblocks is their rectangular shape. Small and easy to handle, the product can be stacked and transported easily. They could be used to save time on a camping trip and because hotblocks produce a long-lasting flame, you will have a fire burning in minutes.

Hotblocks are suitable for heating the home as well. They can be used to light a fireplace and don’t produce any harmful tar residue, preventing chimneys and flues from being clogged.

As a recyclable material, Warma hotblock briquettes are a highly sustainable product that adheres to Woodsure’s ready to burn initiative. This means it has a moisture content of below 20% and contributes towards reduced emissions.

Experts in the field of wood products

At Logs Direct, we are committed to supplying environmentally friendly wood products that meet the standards of organisations like Woodsure. For over 15 years we have been ethically sourcing wood that has undergone a kiln drying process, ensuring all our products remain under 20% moisture.

If you have any questions about our hotblocks then please get in touch by emailing [email protected] or use the contact form.

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