Mushroom compost or topsoil

Now that spring is almost upon us and the days are becoming brighter and warmer, you probably want to spend more time out in your garden. You may even wish to invest your time and energy into cultivating it. In order to do that, you will need either compost or topsoil. Luckily, we sell both here at Logs Direct. In addition to our many solid fuel options, we also supply our customers with mushroom compost (recently championed by Monty Don in the 2017 episode 2 of Gardener's World)  and excellent topsoil. We even offer bark mulch, which can be used to enrich your soil. But which option is right for you? Do you need rich, heavy compost or light, nourishing topsoil?

Uses for topsoil

Our topsoil has oodles of nutrient dense goodness. Perfect for your flower beds and borders this spring!

Compost and topsoil have slightly different uses. In order to decide which one you need, you should think about what you wish to accomplish with your garden.

As its name suggests, topsoil is usually laid down on top of a patch of earth to create to a nutrient-rich upper layer of soil. This makes it ideal for nourishing smaller plants with shallow root systems. Consequently, it is often used in shallow flower beds and beneath newly-laid turf. If you’re planning on cultivating decorative flowers in beds within your garden or adding a fresh layer of grass, topsoil is the best option for you.


Uses for mushroom compost

Looking for some cheap Mushroom compost to mulch your borders? Look no further than Logs Direct.

In comparison, compost is usually dug deep into soil and mixed with it in order to enrich it. This makes it ideal for growing plants with deeper or more comprehensive root systems. If you plan on growing vegetables (especially root vegetables) or larger plants such as trees and shrubs, compost is the ideal way to nourish your garden. It is capable of nourishing plants that need a great deal of nutrition and which send their roots fairly deep into the earth. It’s also worth noting that you can supplement compost with bark mulch.

Whatever you plan on doing with your garden, we have the ideal soil supplement for you. If you wish to grow aesthetically pleasing flowers and other delicate plants, we can offer you top-quality topsoil and if you want to grow vegetables or sturdier plants, we can supply you with compost. Check out our range of garden products today and pick the option that’s right for you.

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