Maintain your chimney now and reap the rewards in winter

While time in the sun is great, the prospect of cosy winter evenings in front of a crackling fire is hard to beat, and a little time spent preparing your wood burner, stove and chimney, and replenishing your fuel stocks, will make easy work of the transition from summer to the cooler months ahead.

Maintain Your Chimney Maintain Your Chimney

Open fires

If you have an open fire, or operate a stove that requires ventilation through your chimney, then you should consider carrying out some maintenance now in order to keep your heating working effectively and safely. Chimneys and flues need to be swept, cleaned and checked regularly; if you use smokeless fuels or bitumous coal you should aim to sweep your chimney at least twice a year, wood burning requires more regular cleaning - roughly once every quarter (if in constant use).

Good maintenance of chimneys and flues can help keep your stoves and fires operating well; it can also help prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide build up. While it is always advisable to have a qualified chimney sweep carry out regular cleaning and checks (please have a look at the website for further information) you can carry out some essential maintenance yourself. Using a product such as Flamefast Chimney Sweeping Logs can help keep your chimney and flue clean in between professional servicing.

Season your wood

Burning wet or unseasoned wood can also be a cause of chimney fires. Our kiln-dried logs are dried to under 20% moisture content, making them a great choice both for safety and the quality of the heat they produce (it is recommended that wood does not exceed 25% moisture content for optimum and safe performance). Store your wood somewhere dry, stacked in a crate or basket, to ensure your supply is always ready to use and accessible. Always make sure that you use the correct fuel for your heating system, and avoid overloading your appliance.

If you are in any doubt, or just want some advice on getting the best out of your heating, have a chat with one of our advisers; they’ll help you stay toasty warm and as safe as houses all through the year.