Are you looking for a new type of fuel?

Are you up for a change? How about a new type of fuel?

Are you tired of using conventional fireplace logs or house coal? If so, it might be time to try a new type of solid fuel. You might want to sample a more efficient fuel option, or simply opt for one that burns with a different aroma.

Whatever you’re looking for, at Logs Direct, we can provide it. However, you may not know what your options are. That’s why we’ve created a list of lesser-known solid fuels that you may wish to try. You’re certain to find something to suit your needs in today’s blog entry.

1. Anthracite

As our regular readers may already be aware, anthracite is a highly pure and energy-efficient type of coal. It burns more cleanly than normal house coal and doesn’t produce any smoke. What’s more, it also produces more thermal energy when burned. If you’re tired of the level of smoke produced by ordinary coal, or want something more energy-efficient, why not give anthracite a try?

2. Eco logs

Eco logs are made from compacted sawdust and other pieces of unused wood. They produce a great deal of thermal energy for their size due to their purity and density. They also produce relatively little carbon-based pollution. If you want a more environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional logs, opt for eco logs.

3. Peat

Peat briquettes aren’t as widely-used as logs or fuels, but they are a highly efficient, environmentally-friendly type of fuel. They also have a unique, earthy aroma. If you want an affordable, environmentally sound fuel that burns with an enticing scent, choose peat.

4. Wood chips

Wood chips are far more efficient and usually burn far more evenly than logs. If you need a cheap, reliable fuel that generates a constant thermal output, wood chips are the solution for you. They can be used in most of the same fuel-burning devices as logs.

If you’re tired of using ordinary logs or coal, there are plenty of alternatives available. We’ve listed some of the most enticing in today’s blog entry, but feel free to look through our product pages to find even more options. Don’t delay: try a new type of fuel today!

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