Logs Direct New Boiler

With winter really starting to take force and everyone's fires burning long into the night, we're doing our bit to meet the rising demand for our fuel. This means we've added a new boiler to the log yard, and we now have it up and running to help us produce even more kiln dried logs and kindling.

The boiler itself is a great device, and helps us stay green by getting its power from all our own wood waste. All those damaged pallets that can't be re-used and waste wood from the bagging lines that can't be put in a bag due to their size can now be put to good use by helping to create more fuel for your fires. We collect all the waste wood that can't be used for anything else and place it in a heap to feed through our biomass chipper. This creates the wood chips that feed the boilers.

The chip is put into the chip house, from where it is automatically fed into the boiler to keep it at just the right temperature when it is in use. The boiler heats a kiln where the logs are dried, and so having the extra one means that we can have more kilns drying logs at a time. This speeds up the whole process of kiln drying our logs and means that we can keep up with demand even when the winter orders come flooding in.

The other great thing about drying extra logs is the smell. When the logs have been dried the aroma that comes of them is wonderful and fills the whole yard, so the more we can dry, the nicer the smell gets in the log yard.

All the ash that is produced from the boiler is bagged and placed around the Christmas trees we are planting, but that's another story.