Protect wood from the elements with a log store

If you've invested in top quality logs for your wood burner or chiminea, the last thing you want is for your newly purchased wood to get damp. As anyone who has attempted a beach fire knows, moisture can make it much harder to light your logs, and by keeping them dry you can ensure they both burn cleanly and give off the maximum amount of heat possible.

The best designed log stores not only protect fuel from the elements, but also allow air to circulate, lessening the likelihood of damp developing and keeping the logs as dry as possible, whilst not creating unnecessary clutter indoors.

Our log stores are slatted, meaning that plenty of air can reach the logs and circulate around them, without allowing your seasoned or unseasoned wood to become wet and therefore less fit for purpose.

Logs Direct Woodstore Logs Direct Woodstore

You'll find you can fit around one cubic metre of fuel in each log store; the more you buy, the more logs you'll be able to keep to hand, perfect for those long cold winter months when only a roaring fire will do to warm the fingers and toes and keep the whole family toasty!

The log stores come unassembled, but never fear if DIY isn't your thing - if you're more DIY SOS than Bob the Builder. For a small fee, we can also deliver your log store pre-built, meaning all you need to do is choose the perfect spot when it arrives - delivered, of course, free of charge!

Our log stores are made of tanalised pressure-treated timber, meaning there's no need to treat it and it is easy to set up and go. The roofs of the log stores are fully weatherproof too, so you can rest assured that your logs are dry and ready to use whenever you want them with this stylish, attractive and totally functional option. For extra storage, several log stores in a row looks charming - and keeps two or three times as much wood dry! Click here to browse our range of log stores now.