How to find the right barbecue charcoal for your barbeque

With summer now just around the corner, many of us have already got one eye on our first barbecue of the year. As one of the UK’s leading firewood suppliers and coal merchants, Logs Direct are best placed to help you find the right type of barbecue charcoal.

Here at Logs Direct, we have years of experience in selling fuel. As lovers of the great British barbecue ourselves, we’re passionate about helping you find quality charcoal.

We've identified four of our best selling charcoal types to help you buy the right type and get your barbecue season off to the best possible start.

Classic Summer barbeque Classic Summer barbeque

Barbecue grillpack

Also known as throwaway BBQs or throwaway grills, a barbecue grillpack is the perfect option for convenient summer. Featuring around 1kg of charcoal and firelighters, these packs contain everything you need for the perfect barbecue are best suited to those wanting less mess, people on-the-move or if you are having one-off special occasion.

Lumpwood charcoal

This type of charcoal is a great quality, low cost option for those requiring something a little more substantial. Ideal for people with freestanding or outdoor barbecues, lumpwood charcoal offers a manageable level of heat, allowing part-time chefs a simple, but effective means of outdoor cooking. Lumpwood charcoal is a fantastic all-round barbecue option.

Charcoal briquettes

For the real barbecue connoisseur, sometimes charcoal with a little more quality is required to keep the cooking going. In this case, charcoal briquettes offer the perfect solution! Offering a longer burn and higher heat, a 5kg pack of charcoal briquettes allow users to cater for more food and more people.

Restaurant grade charcoal

This high quality, premium variation of lumpwood charcoal offers users a barbecue experience like no other. The charcoal choice of chefs and professionals around the country, this grade of charcoal produces an extremely long-lasting heat. Offering a fantastic heat source while remaining easy to light, restaurant grade charcoal can turn a good barbecue into a great one.

Whether you’re a once a summer barbecue sort of person, or the owner of a state-of-the-art freestanding barbecue, here at Logs Direct we have the right type of charcoal for you. Click here to view our full range, including the four charcoal variations mentioned in this blog.

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