How mushroom compost and decorative logs can turn your garden into a wildlife haven

Use decorative logs and mushroom compost to create a haven for wildlife in your garden Use decorative logs and mushroom compost to create a haven for wildlife in your garden

Here at Logs Direct, we believe that it is important to co-exist peacefully with wildlife. Preserving our world’s biodiversity is crucial. What’s more, simply being around wildlife can be psychologically beneficial for us humans. It may surprise you to learn that some of our products can help you promote biodiversity and provide a home for nature. Though we primarily specialise in fuels (such as firewood logs and coal), we also sell mushroom compost and decorative logs. These two products can be used to create a lovely nature space in your own garden. In this blog entry, we explain how.

As winter comes to an end and spring approaches, many insects, small animals and birds will become more active. They will also need verdant spaces that can provide food and serve as a habitat for them. Mushroom compost can help you create these spaces in your own garden. Mushroom compost is very effective at encouraging the growth of lush plant-life. This plant-life can provide a home for many species. It can also attract insects to your garden, which many other species feed on.

In short, you can use our mushroom compost to encourage the growth of plants that are vital for the wellbeing of Britain’s wildlife. Why not use our compost to turn a small section of your garden into a wild, untended haven for birds and other wildlife? Not only will this help nature, it will also reduce the amount of gardening you have to do!

Decorative logs can also be placed outside to provide a hub for wildlife: insect-life (on which many other species depend) may congregate around a log. Decorative logs can also serve as perches for wild birds or provide shelter for smaller creatures. If you plan on creating a space for wildlife in your garden using our mushroom compost, why not add a decorative log to that space? It will help to encourage biodiversity and improve the appearance of the area.

At Logs Direct, we understand the importance of wildlife in modern Britain. So why not use two of our outdoors products to cultivate a nature-friendly space of your own?

Create a wildlife habitat in your garden Create a wildlife habitat in your garden