Homemade Wood Chip for Our Biomass Boiler

Well our brand new boiler is running well and the mountain of waste wood we've built up is slowly going down! Still, I think this may take a few years before we really make a dint on it. It's been collecting for quite some time. In one respect it's great as we don't have to buy and feed stock in, but the down side is we have to break up all our old pallets and chip them.

The idea of a chipper is to create wood chips or flakes that are suitable as fuel to be used in the woodchip biomass boiler. In our wood yard it all starts with a large heap of old broken pallets and waste wood that come from our everyday duties, including processing of firewood. We break up all the pallets with a digger (the perfect job for a person with anger issues!) and from this point it's ready to bring in the chipper and away we go. It's fed into the chipper by the digger and turned into wood chip, nails and all.

Once this chip has been created it is moved into a clamp were it is stored until it is used to fire the boiler. This heat is then used to dry all our logs which then turns it in to kiln dried firewood. As processes go it is very environmentally friendly as we don't have to buy and feed stock for the boiler as it's all a waste product from our production.

You might not have a chipper of your own, or the giant mountain of waste wood we do, but if you have a biomass boiler then you can get your wood pellets from us, as we're on the Biomass Suppliers List. Looking for something for your garden instead? Then you can also find some top quality bark mulch here too.