The health benefits of a log fireplace

The amazing health benefits of an open fire

We have, in many previous articles, highlighted that real log fireplaces are cost-effective, efficient and charming.  In addition to their charisma, log fireplaces can also help you look after your health and personal well-being.

Log fireplaces have several significant  associated health benefits.  In fact, a log fireplace can help you whether you suffer from health problems and need something that will alleviate your symptoms. Or you simply want to care for and improve your body, mind and spirit. In this blog entry, we’ll talk about three of the many ways that log fireplaces can help you stay healthy and happy.

1. Drying the air

dry-the-air-with-an-open-log-fire Dry & clean your air with a real log fire

Do you suffer from any allergies or illnesses exacerbated by damp air? Installing a log fireplace is an efficient way to dry out your home.  Helping alleviate symptoms, and in some cases cure you of an allergy. Log-fuelled fires are very efficient at drying out damp environments, which makes the air in your home more pleasant and breathable.

Cleaning your home air in this way can be immensely beneficial to your health, even if you don’t suffer from an illness that is agitated by moisture. By keeping your home dry, log fireplaces can prevent the formation of mould and other problems that can damage your health.

2. Repelling allergens

Authentic log fireplaces can help reduce the number of allergens in the air that surrounds them. Allergens and particulates can get caught in the updraught of hot air from the fire. This updraught will carry them up the chimney and out of your home.

What’s more, hot air naturally expands. As this expansion takes place, it creates outward pressure that pushes away allergens and particulates in the local atmosphere. If you need a haven from your allergies, try installing a log fireplace.

A real log fireplace can clean your home. A real log fireplace can clean your home.

3. Providing relaxation

Time to relax by the open fire Time to relax by the open fire.

Relaxing in front of a fireplace and watching the flames crackle over the logs can help you unwind and de-stress. Recent research shows relaxation has many physical health benefits. But most of all, it can help maintain your mental health. Your psychological well-being is just as important as your physical well-being.

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