Getting into the Practice of Burning the Right Wood

British wood fuel specialist and supplier, Logs Direct, is warning British homeowners not to give in to the temptation to burn the wrong wood, just because they feel nothing else is available during UK lockdown.

Woodburner owners are to be placed under new buying restrictions from May 1, 2021 anyway and Logs Direct says that practice makes perfect when it comes to ethical wood usage, so now is the time to start.

The wood expert is reminding wood stove and pizza oven owners that it always has the right wood available for order and delivery and that shopping at is the start of a process that will get wood from its UK wood yard, to their front door, in no time at all.  Even under Covid-19 restrictions, it can turn deliveries around quickly.

Many wood buyers and homeowners do not realise it will be illegal to buy and sell wood, under a volume of 2m3 from May 1, from any seller at all, unless it is certified as being ready to burn and carries a distinct Woodsure logo.  This is part of a legal crackdown on the pollutants which are borne in the emissions of wet wood, which is not fit to burn and which creates a tar-filled combustion process.

Woodsure accredited wood has been certified as being safe to burn and will be a major weapon in the war on emissions currently being waged in various cities and parts of the UK. Burning this type of kiln-dried wood, as produced by Logs Direct for very many years, will also keep the appliance’s flue free from tar deposits and avoid the possibility of invalidating a warranty or creating a situation that can lead to a chimney fire. 

Keeping the health of others in mind is something the pandemic should have taught us to do as a matter of course.  With DEFRA regulations and Smoke Control Areas already in place across the UK, we need to also remember that legal fines could penalise and remind us of that duty. The message is that only ready to burn wood will do.

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