'Fox' Scoops Award For Wood-Fired Cooking Prowess

Fox restaurant in Hale Barns has joined the illustrious ranks of eateries that have scooped a coveted Logs Direct ‘Woody Award’ – the only accolade in the restaurant sector specifically for chefs cooking with a wood-fired oven.

The new fine dining establishment is being billed as the first £1m gourmet restaurant in Hale Barns and is owned by former Living Ventures Director Danny Fox. It is fast building a quality reputation and its Naples-inspired pizzas, cooked using a wood-fired oven, are already tickling the taste buds.

Situated in The Square, in the heart of Hale Barns Village, Cheshire, Fox uses Logs Direct’s first-class, kiln-dried Alder wood, with its consistent quality and moisture content of less than 20 per cent. This allows the restaurant to create authentic Italian pizzas, cooked to perfection and with all the theatre and aroma that wood-fired cooking brings.

Despite having only opened in September, Fox has quickly picked up rave reviews from customers and critics, with visitors enthusiastically praising the food and the atmosphere.

To win a Woody Award, eateries have to wow their diners and generate fabulous reviews about the wood-fired dishes they serve.  This was most definitely the case with Fox, which submitted some impressive feedback.

One diner said: “Great location, fantastic decor, lovely friendly staff, great service and what has to be the best food in Cheshire... you can really tell that some people care about what they do... and this is the place.”

Another customer said that they would return, and would be sampling all of the cuisine that Fox has on offer, saying: “We have no doubt this new restaurant will be extremely successful. We will definitely be going again. Open for breakfast too and plenty of free parking. This restaurant can't fail.”

Fox places great emphasis on fresh, natural products and focuses on providing a healthy menu, as well as ensuring that it then cooks its dishes to perfection.  For its wood-fired menu, that rests upon having the right logs for the oven, as the wood is as vital an ‘ingredient’ as everything else.

Head Chef John Stephenson says: “We chose a wood-fired oven because they are the superior choice and reflect a real and authentic way of cooking.

“As we only work with the best, we picked Logs Direct because an excellent reputation and first-class dishes are only achievable when we have the best suppliers.

“Logs Direct’s kiln-dried logs are very effective and we instantly noticed the difference in the quality of the wood, in comparison to that supplied previously.  This means our customers are served quicker and every pizza cooks with the same consistency and authentic flavours.

“It’s brilliant to have won an award so early on in our life as a restaurant and we shall be keeping our ‘Woody’ in full view in our pizza area.  I’d encourage all pizzerias to give it a go and enter the Woody Awards, as it creates a great buzz.”

The Logs Direct team offers ongoing, in-depth support to all of its customers and restaurants, providing full peace of mind and going to great lengths to get wood deliveries out to restaurants, even if the chef has forgotten to place an order.  This is one reason why top chefs turn to Logs Direct for their wood supplies.

Other wood-fired pizza chefs wanting to know how to win a Woody can head to the restaurant section at www.logsdirect.co.uk or contact stephen.talbot@logsdirect.co.uk

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