Four tips for fireplace safety

four tips for fire safety from Logs Direct

As we discussed our previous blog entry on which room to install your fireplace, installing a log fireplace or wood burner can drastically improve any room in your home. For example, adding a stove to your living room or kitchen can make the space more convivial and cosy, while putting one in the bedroom can add a frisson of romance.

As suppliers of top-quality firewood logs, Logs Direct firmly believe that wood-burning fireplaces are a near-essential furnishing for every home. However, we also understand that any source of open flame can be hazardous if it is not managed properly. That’s why we’ve decided to give you our top safety tips for log fireplaces. We also recommend that you do your own safety research before having a log fireplace installed (for example, by consulting the manufacturers), but these tips should safeguard you from most potential risks.

1. Always install a grate over your fireplace

Grates are important because they make it harder for stray embers to escape the fireplace and land on anything flammable in the surrounding room. They also provide a barrier that can prevent small children and animals from getting too close to the fireplace, which makes them a vital safety precaution for parents and pet-owners.

2. Keep a fire extinguisher in your home


It’s always worth investing in a fire extinguisher if you have a log fireplace installed. It’s very unlikely that a log fireplace will cause a conflagration in your home (provided it is well-designed and well-made, and comes from a reputable supplier). However, it’s important to give yourself a way to combat fire, just in case.

3. Keep the chimney clear


Smoke can often be more dangerous than fire. If your chimney becomes blocked, smoke can become trapped in your home. Large quantities of smoke can have a poisonous effect and may damage your health or even put your life at risk in some rare cases. Luckily, avoiding this problem is very easy: all you have to do is clean out your chimney on a regular basis or unblock it whenever it starts to look congested.

Our chimney sweeping logs are also a fantastic way to improve chimney and flue performance.

4. Use high-quality logs


You can also reduce the amount of smoke your fireplace produces by burning logs that have been carefully seasoned or kiln-dried to achieve maximum purity.

Logs Direct haber the the highest quality control procedures and guarantee all our kiln dried products are dried to below 20% moisture.

At Logs Direct, we want you to feel confident and safe when you burn the fuels that we supply. Following these guidelines will help protect you when using a log-burning fireplace, so don’t forget to make a note of them and any other precautions that your fireplace manufacturer recommends.