Five tips to help you prepare for Autumn and beyond

Five Tips To Help You Prepare For Autumn And Beyond

If you are lucky enough to have a real coal or log fire in your living room — or elsewhere in your home — you would expect us to remind to stock up on supplies of our outstanding kiln dried hardwood logs, our softwood, or our superb value smokeless fuel and coal.

And now we have done so.  So today we are going to run through five tips which should get you primed for the cool — and then even colder — seasons ahead.

1. Lag pipes where necessary

LAG PIPES WHERE NECESSARY Lag pipes where necessary

It seems we've had more problems in the UK, over the last couple of winters, with rain and floods than frost and snow. Yet it can be easy to forget the damage that sub-zero temperatures can do. Therefore, it makes good sense to add lagging to your pipes.  Also to check any lagging already in place is still properly positioned and functioning properly. We're sure you'll already know, but if not, check where your stopcock is positioned, and that it is operating easily. i.e. make sure you can turn it off.

2. Have your central heating checked

Even if you enjoy the wonderful, cosy warmth of a real fire, you'll no doubt have it backed up by a central heating system. Having your boiler serviced is valuable preventative work, as is a quick check and bleed of any radiators if they don't seem to be blasting out the level of heat you'd expect.

3. Inspect the outside of your home

Look for any cracks to, or slipping of, your roof tiles. These might not really be obvious during the warmer months but when the rain, wind and snow arrive, any problems can be heightened. At the same time, see if your gutters need cleaning. Make sure they all gutters are free from blockages and subsequent possible damage when that rain does fall.

4. Give your home a quick draught check

It is simple to add draught protection strips around windows, a draught excluder to the foot of your outside doors, and even use a protector to stop the wind howling through your letterbox. It all helps!

5. Sweep your chimney

Sweep your chimney Sweep your chimney

Finally, and importantly, if you are fortunate to be able to warm your toes in front of a real coal or crackling log fire, get your chimney swept. This can keep you safe, as well as preventing a dangerous situation arising.

Follow all these home efficiency and maintenance tips though, and you're sure to have your cosiest winter yet - despite the British weather.