Transform Your Campfire, Backyard and More with Evening Lite Swedish Fire Logs

The campfire that you create can completely set the tone of your evening, wherever you might be. Enjoy a campsite or cooking with a fire that gives off a lot of smoke makes the process more stressful than relaxing. This is why choosing the perfect wood that will burn slowly and with minimal smoke should be a priority when planning your next excursion or cosy evening outdoors. That's where Swedish fire logs come in.

What is a Swedish Fire Log?

Swedish Fire Logs or Swedish Torches, have long been understood to be a simple yet unique cooking, heat and light solution. Once lit, this form of fire is easy to cook on due to its flat surface and directional flame. The log contains the flame and keeps the raised off the ground. This is a brilliant option for a campfire that requires minimal tending to, allowing you enjoy your evening. This form of campfire can be a hassle to make, as it requiresa chainsaw and needs well-packed with kindling.

How is Evening Lite unique?

A Warma Swedish Fire Log, or Swedish Torch, burning

Logs Direct’s new Swedish Torch, the Evening Lite, ensures that you are able to get all of the cosy and functional benefits that this form of fire offers without the hassle of creating one yourself. With a flat surface that is simple to cook on and a built in firelighter, the Evening Lite is an efficient way to transform your campfire.

The Evening Lite log is kiln dried birch rather than the lower quality softwood Swedish Eco Torches that other suppliers offer. This means that the Evening Lite will burn longer, cleaner, and with a much better heat output. With an integrated handle on the side, its easy to transport the Evening Lite to your destination. This keeps things simple at every stage of firestarting.

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