Cold Weather, Hot Fires

For those of us who enjoy the authentic warmth of an open fire, there’s no finer time than winter. There’s something truly seasonal and satisfying in being able to come in from the cold and warm up in front of a roaring flame.

However, recent weather warnings show that it might be more important than usual to ensure that you keep your home toasty warm this winter.

Fending Off the La Niña Cold

This year the Met Office have warned that a full La Niña winter is coming. These weather events occur when there’s an extended period of abnormally cool air pooling around the Eastern Pacific Ocean. The last one of these weather events was in 2010, where most of the British Isles were left covered in snow.

These cold snaps have already begun. Temperatures in the UK have been getting as low as -4 degrees over November, and these cold snaps are likely to continue through Winter, right the way to the new year.

Keeping Warm through the Worst of Winter

With this in mind, it’s very important that you make sure that that you’re using the right logs for your fires. After all, if temperatures drop to as low as they promise, you’re going to be using more fuel to stave off the cold.

At Logs Direct, we offer kiln dried logs and seasoned logs at low moisture rates. This means that our logs are Ready to Burn compliant, ensuring that you get the most heat from your logs – and that they burn at an environmentally sound level, too.

We also have smokeless house coal and premium wood fuel pellets too. Whatever your traditional fire needs, we have the ideal fuel in stock for you. What’s more, with our low prices, you can be sure that your home is perfectly and affordably heated throughout the coming cold.

If you want to know more about which heating solution will be best for you during the winter, talk to our expert team today.

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