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Sourcing good quality decorative logs is a well kept secret in the UK. A growing number of people love using decorative logs to enhance their homes and fireplaces.  They are a fabulous decorative feature, but most if us would never think about where to buy good quality decorative logs?

A decorative log nook, or wall feature, is the ideal way to store logs in or near your fireplace through the summer months — it seasons the firewood even further, adds a lovely aroma and, when done well, looks fabulous next to your fireplace or stove.

Decorative Logs in basket arrangement from Logs Direct Decorative Logs in basket arrangement from Logs Direct

Over the past five years, Logs Direct have seen a steady increase in the demand for stylish decorative logs, both on a domestic and commercial level. When a customer is sourcing a decorative log, they usually have a specific situation, style, colour and log type in mind. At Logs Direct, we cater for all styles and scales: from massive conference displays & film sets, to those five perfect looking logs, personalised just for you - for that perfect looking log basket next yo your fireplace or wood burner.

To create the perfect decorative log is not easy; you have to cut the log, shape it,  then place it in a kiln to dry it below 20 percent — this kills any bacteria or insects, and enhances the colour — and, once you have done all this, you pick the best logs out and package them up ready for display. At Logs Direct, we prefer birch. Birch decorative logs are one of the most popular decorative rustic logs, along with Alder and Ash. Of course, much depends on what you are trying to achieve from the display — please call us on 01524 812476 for any specific needs. (If you need any confirmation of our commitment to accomplish fantastic tailored decorative log displays, just take a look at this stunning festive display we arranged in a *secret*, but famous, London high-street store.)

If you ever think about enhancing your home with decorative logs, contact Logs Direct — we can discuss your requirements and supply you with the best decorative logs money can buy!

Display stunning decorative logs in your home Display stunning decorative logs in your home