Bracketts — The new stove fuel alternative made from bracken

brackernburn brackets, made from bracken, are a great wood fuel alternative

31/10/2016 UPDATE: We have now introduced a 150kg bulk deal for £97.50.  This deal saves £6.99 over the regular price and includes free Nationwide delivery.

28/10/2016 UPDATE: Now available Nationwide with free delivery in our online store for £6.99 per 10kg bag.

Starting on Monday 24th October 2016, Logs direct are the first Northern retailer to start stocking Brackettes.

What are Brackettes, you may be asking?

Introducing 'Bracketts' — the new sustainable alternative biomass fuel source...

brackenburn brackettes bag 10kg Brackenburn brackettes, made from bracken, are a great wood fuel alternative

Brackettes are the new briquette super fuel, which have recently featured, amongst other places, on the BBC Radio 4 Farming Today show and BBC1's Countryfile Hertfordshire episode.

Made from 100% Bracken (Pteridium — a genus of the fern family), Brackettes have many benefits over conventional heat logs:

  • They burn hotter than their equivalent in Oak logs (standardised by weight at 20% moisture content)

  • Brackettes are multiple times richer in potash than conventional wood logs. (Potash is great for your garden.)

  • They are a highly sustainable fuel source. There is a vast and growing amount of bracken in the UK.  In addition, regular harvesting of bracken increases the bio-diversity of the UK countryside.  Allowing Bluebells and numerous other wildflowers to flourish.

We are the first retailer in the North to start carrying Brackens Brackettes.  Our stock arrives on Monday 24th October. Please check back on Monday when we will have 10kg Brackettes bags onsite, ready to add to your order.