The Beauty of Norwegian Wood

The Beauty of Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood is a non-fiction book by Scandinavian novelist Lars Mytting. The English translation earned the British Book Industry Awards’ Non-Fiction Book of the Year title for 2016 – and more than half a million copies have been sold in all languages.

Norway’s Love of Wood

For the Norwegians, your home’s woodstove is almost a sacred thing; it’s a source of heat and light in an emergency even today, but it began as the central point of the home; much of household culture there developed around it.

Second most sacred is the woodpile – without which the woodstove can’t help.

With centuries of experience handed down from generation to generation in the selection and preparation of wood for burning (something this family business can relate to!), the people of Norway have developed many tips and techniques that can benefit us all.

Preparing Your Woodpile

We recently blogged about the differences between . Either way, when you take delivery of firewood, the first place it goes is to your woodpile – somewhere clean and dry, with cover overhead, usually out of doors.

Norwegian Wood looks at different ways to organise your woodpile, with many Norwegians preferring to order their logs in spring or summer and take their time sorting them (smaller logs set aside for firelighting, larger logs in their own area to fuel each fire once it’s caught) and stacking them for easy use in the winter.

How best to do that? Well, Mytting travels his country talking to people who are passionate on the topic, and he hears many different ideas. The book is loaded with photos as well as advice.

What We Recommend

We suggest you look at the space you’ve set aside for your woodpile. How much room you have, how easily you can build the stack high – these are important questions.

The other thing to keep in mind is collecting that wood and bringing it inside for your fire. The way you lay out the smaller and larger logs will affect how you gather that load each time – so plan ahead!


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