Blazebrite Smokeless Coal 20kg

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A 20kg bag of Blazebrite premium smokeless coal. Ideal for a long lasting, clean and smokeless burn.


Looking for a premium smokeless fuel? Then look no further as Logs Direct now sell Blazebrite, a leading premium smokeless fuel! Blazebrite is an EXCELLENT HIGHLY EFFICIENT SMOKLESS FUEL that gives a hot burn and provides an extended burning time in comparison with other smokeless fuels on the market.

Blazebrite is specially designed for today's modern closed appliances, which run at lower settings for longer periods of the day. Blazebrite is highly responsive to thermostat changes yet is long lasting and able to `slumber' for lengthy periods.

This means that the Logs Direct smokeless blazebrite has the qualities to be able to last all night meaning thay your home will be kept warm all night and saves you time and money as your fire will not have to be lit in the morning.

Blazebrite smokeless fuel comes pre-packed in handy 20Kg bags and of course comes with our free home delivery direct to your door within 5-7 working days!

Is blazebrite a better product than traditional housecoal?

Blazebrite is a smokeless fuel and therefore can be used on multi fuel stoves whereas we would not recommend burning housecoal on a stove. Also you will find that blazebrite will certainly last for a longer time.

You may also notice that blazebrite will not produce much of a flame but instead glow in your fire in comparison with housecoal which will produce more of a flame.