Blaze Smokeless Coal 20kg

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A 20kg bag of smokeless coal, approved for use in smoke control areas such as London. Manufactured from Anthracite.


Blaze is a premium smokeless coal for open fires, multi fuel stoves and room heaters. Logs Direct blaze homefire smokeless coal gives a great heat output and provides a long burn as well as being easy to light!

Blaze produces very little ash and is odour free which makes this a great smokeless fuel!

Blaze is a manufactured briquette made from anthracite.

Our blaze is pre packed into handy 20kg bags

Authorised for use in smoke-controlled areas.

Buy cheap smokeless coal online instantly and like with every one of our products, delivery is free and direct to your door within 5-7 working days! Minimum order applies.

How to use

  1. Place two firelighters on the fire bed and cover with wood kindling
  2. Place a layer of fuel on top
  3. Light the firelighters and adjust the appliance for maximum draught
  4. Add more fuel as required and adjust the draught.

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